Quoddy Loopers

The Quoddy Loopers come from St Andrews, St Stephen and St George, three of the communities in the “Quoddy Loop”, which includes communities in Charlotte County, New Brunswick and Maine that surround the marvellous Bay of Fundy. There is a standing invitation to others to join our little group; we meet Wednesday evenings at the Catholic Church of St Andrew lower hall, through winter and summer, unless a scheduling conflict arises. These are rare. Generally, there will be anywhere from 5 to 15 of us meeting each week, sharing stories, advice [when sought], expertise and enthusiasm for this wonderful craft. Rughooking is a terrific stress-reliever and a very adaptable, forgiving method, creating functional and artistic pieces of amazing diversity.

Editor’s Note: This piece is a bulletin board and the background is not hooked.

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— Maureen McIlwain